Spiritual Healing: Bikur Cholim

A fundamental feature of Jewish spiritual healing is bikur cholim (visiting the sick), which responds to two of the greatest burdens of contemporary life: isolation and lack of community. At a time of illness, bikur cholim offers us the comfort of human connection and interdependence, a sense of community we so desperately need.

Spiritual Healing: Prayer

In addition to bikur cholim, Jewish tradition teaches that we should pray for ourselves and others during a time of illness. Many modern Jews are resistant to praying in general, and especially skeptical about praying for something specific, such as good health or a cure.

Showing Up

by Avis Dimond Miller

From Moment, October 1997
Reprinted With Permission

It's been said that 90 percent of life is just showing up.

What is Jewish Healing?

Meir Sendor

From Sh'ma: a journal of Jewish Responsibility October 3, 1997
Reprinted with Permission

Healing remains one of the genuine mysteries of our daily lives. Real healing from physical or emotional illness is a multidimensional process, and new medical fields such as psychoneuroendoimmunology indicate a growing modern awareness of the intricate interrelationship between mind and body in illness and health. The Jewish approach to healing is traditionally one that recognizes this mystery in all its complexity.