Local rabbi chosen for national network

October 28, 2005/Tishri 25 5766, Volume 58, No. 5
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

Rabbi Jessica Zimmerman of Congregation Beth Israel has been selected for Synagogue 3000, a national Jewish leadership network.

The goal of this network, developed by Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman of Hebrew Union College and Dr. Ron Wolfson of University of Judaism, is to offer richer engagement in religious communities, according to a press release.

Orthodoxy Has Chance to Reshape Role

December 8, 2005 

A window has opened to the Orthodox community. We are being invited to help reshape the social dynamics of the American Jewish community. With courage and vision, we need to act on this opportunity by understanding the important changes that have occurred over the last decades and rethinking the way we engage the broader Jewish community.

Synagogue 2000 Curriculum

Before Synagogue 3000, there was Synagogue 2000! S2K was a 10-year, longitudinal study that worked with over 100 synagogues spanning all the movements. It's primary mission was the transformation of American synagogues.

S2K implemented its mission through the creation of cohorts, or groups, of synagogues which embarked on 3-year journeys of transformation during which teams of synagogue professionals and lay leaders participated in:

Rethinking Jewish Education

Michael Zeldin From

Reform Judaism, Spring 1995

Reprinted with permission.

What is Jewish Healing?

Meir Sendor

From Sh'ma: a journal of Jewish Responsibility October 3, 1997
Reprinted with Permission

Healing remains one of the genuine mysteries of our daily lives. Real healing from physical or emotional illness is a multidimensional process, and new medical fields such as psychoneuroendoimmunology indicate a growing modern awareness of the intricate interrelationship between mind and body in illness and health. The Jewish approach to healing is traditionally one that recognizes this mystery in all its complexity.

Observations of a Rabbi Who Never Became a Bar Mitzvah

By Jack Stern

From Reform Judaism, Winter 1997

Reprinted with permission from the author and Reform Judaism Magazine --- Published by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations

Many years ago I was working with one of my bar mitzvah students, who was totally negligent in his preparations. Exasperated, his mother finally turned to the boy and said: ``I'm sure that Rabbi Stern studied hard for his bar mitzvah, and that's what you should be doing!''

The Power of a Prayer Shawl: Exploring Jewish Ritual Objects

by Yael Shuman

Illustration by Nancy Winternight

From Reconstructionism Today, Summer, 1994
Reprinted with Permission.

The Jewish Ethics Challenge: Where Do You Stand?

By Arthur Gross Schaefer

From Reform Judaism, Winter 1997

Reprinted with permission from the author and Reform Judaism Magazine (Published by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations)

How to Be a Truly Spiritual Jew*

(*and avoid the pitfalls of quick-fix religious consumerism)

by Jeffrey K. Salkin

From Reform Judaism, Fall 1995
Reprinted with Permission.

Everywhere you go in the Reform movement, the word on people's lips is spirituality. It is the religious buzz word of our age.

Dennis Prager

by Dennis Prager

From Moment, October 1997
Reprinted With Permission

Parents should speak about God to children regardless of their personal philosophical doubts.

The Jews brought God into the world, but today they are probably the group that is least comfortable talking about God, especially to their children.