Synagogue renovation shines with stained glass

For more than a year, George Greene and his wife labored daily over a lightbox in the basement of their Caldwell home, painstakingly fitting bits of colored glass together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Why Temples Look the Way They Do

Reform synagogue architecture in America has from the beginning followed artistic trends and architectural norms.

My Ideal Synagogue - Yaacov Agam

Yaacov Agam, a maser of kinetic art and the son of a rabbi, has pioneered a form of visual art influenced by the Jewish conception that reality is not static and cannot be represented in a graven image.

My Ideal Synagogue - Images

Designed of translucent plexiglass prisms, the ark projects from the wall in three triangles.

My Ideal Synagogue - Diagrams

In Agam's ideal synagogue, worshipers would ascend the sacred space of the sanctuary from a central vestibule.

My Ideal Synagogue

Written and illustrated by Yaacov Agam: Noted artist Yaacov Agam describes his "ideal synagogue," including its art and flexible architecture.