Next Dor

An Invitation To The Next Synagogue Frontier

Synagogues at the forefront of Jewish life have rightly become concerned about the changeover from the baby-boomers to their children. At stake is Jewish continuity, particularly in the liberal sector, that 90% or so of Jews are not necessarily committed to significant Jewish identity. Coordinating a sustained and successful engagement strategy to the next generation is the next frontier in synagogue life.

S3K's Next Dor Initiative is a bold venture to engage the future of Judaism.

For Young Jews, a Service Says, ‘Please, Do Text’

Learn how Next Dor pilot site Temple Sholom in Miami Beach is using texting as tribe rosh hashanahpart of their Rosh Hashanah services to engage young Jews.

The Kitchen: A new take on Jewish practice

Next Dor pilot site The Kitchen and Rabbi Noa Kushner get a well-deserved shout out from the San Francisco J Weekly

Different Growth for Different Folks: The ND Pilot Sites in Action

S3K's latest report highlights that while bound by common philosophy each of our six Next Dor Pilot sites are unique, distinct communities. Read how six communities can be so different and yet so similar.

Different Growth for Different Folks: The ND Pilot Sites in Action

Between the fall of 2009 and the summer of 2010, Synagogue 3000’s Next Dor initiative inaugurated four experiments in engaging congregationally unaffiliated adults Jews in their 20s and 30s. They were set in widely scattered locations across the United States (Washington, DC; St. Louis; Marin County, CA; and Miami Beach).

"doing jewish stuff" - an experiment called NITA

"doing jewish stuff" - an experiment called NITA

Nita (Hebrew for, "We will plant, we will grow") is an experiment in "doing Jewish" differently. As one of Synagogue 3000's Next Dor pilots, Nita has spent the last year plus creating a new model of community led by Rabbi Noa Kusher who describes her rabbinate as "... one part sales, one part emunah (faith), and one part chutzpah - a stubborn refusal to give up on my generation of Jews."

Vayera... can synagogues be relevant to the next generation?

Ironically, Abraham and Isaac almost colluded in the Jewish People's demise! God had to stay the hand of Abraham the executioner. In reverse mirror imagery, it is the inability of today's Abrahams and Isaacs to collude in anything at all that threatens the Jewish future

It’s A New World, Golda…

JessicaProfessor Steven Cohen wrote a very intriguing article explaining what he's learning about my generation of Jews:  the 30-something post-Boomer up and coming leaders of the Jewish community.   What makes this generation so different from the one ahead of us?  What's new and different these days?

The Next Dor Conversation

The Next Dor Conversation
you shoulda been there!

If you missed it (or just want to relive it), audio of the main sessions available at NextDor Online, pictures on Flickr