Synagogue renovation shines with stained glass

by Carly Rothman/The Star-Ledger

Monday December 29, 2008

For more than a year, George Greene and his wife labored daily over a lightbox in the basement of their Caldwell home, painstakingly fitting bits of colored glass together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Why Temples Look the Way They Do

Daniel Hillel Freelander

From Reform Judaism, Fall 1994
Reprinted with permission.

My Ideal Synagogue - Yaacov Agam

Yaacov Agam, a maser of kinetic art and the son of a rabbi, has pioneered a form of visual art influenced by the Jewish conception that reality is not static and cannot be represented in a graven image. His images are in a state of ``constant becoming'' --- they cannot be seen in their totality and any one time or from any one position.

My Ideal Synagogue

Written and illustrated by Yaacov Agam

From Reform Judaism, Fall 1994

Reprinted with permission.

What is the function of the synagogue, and does the architecture meet the needs of the worshipers? After considering these questions for many years, I have concluded sadly that the architectural organization of most synagogues inhibits rather than enhances the spiritual aspirations of our people.